The Fifth Way Mystery School Exercises

1. Chakra Exercises
2. Subtle Bodies (Definitions)
3. Subtle Body Exercises
4. No Form
5. Crystal Body and Inner Sun
6. Meta-Programming Protocol Overview
7. Particle Flow Pyramid
8. LRP (Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram)
9. Cross of the Elements
10. Middle Pillar
11. Caduceus
12. LVX
13. Brain Twirling
First, the Temple of the physical body (Aufu) must be cleaned of all blockages. Working with the subtle bodies is then necessary to establish a clear alignment to Spirit. The goal is to create a healthy channel between body and Spirit within a consecrated physical space. Great harm can occur if one’s imbalances are not addressed. The following simple excercises are most effective and are best when given by an experienced instructor.

PART I: Body Warm-ups
1. Make faces, pull the face and eyes into every ridiculous position that can be imagined. Continue for at least five minutes.
2. Chatter and make strange noises (3 minutes)
3. Shoulder pull. Pull the shoulder up to the ears, then drop them completely (2 minutes)
4. Take a deep breath with mouth open. Hold stomach in and inflate chest only. Hold then relax with pause before next breath. (Do 10 complete cycles).
5. Turn head from side to side very slowly, going as far as you can each turn. (1 minute)
6. Lie down and lift legs and arms in the air. Stretch as much as possible, then release (10 times)
7. Deep slow breath, 10 – 15. Start in belly and work up, feeling all the muscles as you breathe.
8. Get up slowly and stand in no-form (see below). Count to three and then let the top part of your body drop forward. Work up to exhaling on fall, inhaling on lift.
9. Breath for a few minutes, sensing the feeling in your body, then begin to “Om.”
PART II: Activating the Centers
FIRST CHAKRA: Sit on the floor on your heels. Place hands flat on the thighs. Flex spine forward in pelvic area with the inhale, backward on the exhale (Do at least 10 times).
SECOND CHAKRA: Sit on the floor with your legs crossed. Grab ankles with both hands and deeply inhale. Flex spine forward and lift chest; rotate the top of the pelvis back. On exhale, flex the spine backwards and the pelvis forwards near your “sit bones.” Do at least 10 times.
THIRD CHAKRA: Sit with legs crossed; grasp the shoulders with fingers in front and thumbs in back. Inhale and twist to the left; exhale and twist back to the right. Breathing ins long and deep, making sure to keep the spine as straight as possible. Repeat five times then reverse directions. Rest for about a minute, then repeat entire process on the knees.
FOURTH CHAKRA: Sitting up with legs crossed, lock finger in a bear grip at the heart center, elbows pointing out to the sides. Elbows move in a see-saw motion. Continue deep breathing along with movement. Do this for about three minutes, then rest. Repeat on knees to raise energy to a higher level. Make sure the pelvis is tucked.
FIFTH CHAKRA: Cross-legged, grip knees and keep elbows straight. Flex upper part of the spine; inhale forward, exhale back – 10 times then rest. Do shoulder shrug; inhale up, exhale down. Do ten, then hold for 15 seconds in up position. Repeat all of the above on the knees.
SIXTH CHAKRA: Cross legs; lock fingers in bear grip at throat level. Inhale; hold breath; then lock abdomen and sphincter and push energy up as if you were squeezing a toothpaste out of a tube. Exhale the energy out the top of your head as you raise your arms over your head. Do 10, then rest. Repeat on knees.
SEVENTH CHAKRA: Cross-legged, stretch arms over head and lock hands with index finger pointing up. Take an in-breath by pulling the navel in, saying, “hmmmmm.” Let the breath out, saying, “Saaaa.” (Or “Yah” ‘ “Weh”) Repeat in rapid breaths for several minutes. Then inhale and squeeze the energy from the base of the spine to the top of the head, hold breath as long as possible then exhale without losing muscle tension. Relax your muscles and rest for one minute, then repeat on knees.

AUFU – The Physical Body (“the robot”)
This body is the solid physical organism and includes all process which take place within the body. There is only a rudimentary awareness as the AUFU has no self-consciousness of its own. The AUFU reacts to situations with simple conditioned responses coded into the muscles. Conditioned responses are triggered by trauma.
KA – The Crystal Body (“the Etheric Double”)
The Crystal body resides in the formative plane where self-awareness originates. The KA can be described as a matrix held together by a complex of intersecting fields. While “within” the body, it appears as a network of fine golden lines. Outside the body, the KA looks like a clear quartz replica of the physical form. This aggregate develops a concept of self through thoughts, emotions, and basic ideas. In fact, every feeling, thought, or emotion one has ever experienced is stored into the KA. As the basic reincarnating component, the KA maintains the information and memory about other lifetimes. The KA functions as a vehicle for consciousness but often assumes it is the ONLY repository for self-awareness. It is the small “i” in the Jungian sense.
HAIDIT – The Shadow Body (“the Astral Body” also “the Emotional Body”)
The Shadow Body operates in the realm of the collective and personal unconscious. In contrast to the simple but fixed demands of the AUFU and the complex, power-oriented drives of the KA, the HAIDIT is seen as amorphous, vague, and somewhat illusory. The HAIDIT can pull feelings, thoughts, and emotions from the entire personal experience of an individual’s KA (past,present,future). And it may also draw upon the collective experiences of all KAs throughout space and time. Yet, the HAIDIT itself has no real self-awareness. It becomes aware through the process of accessing information from the KA for the requirements of the KHU.
KHU – The Soul Body (“the Mental Body” also “the Buddhic”)
The Soul resides in the mythological level of integrative awareness. The KHU is the first body that is truly self-aware. The KA’s limited self-awareness (what is considered normal consciousness) is merely an aspect of the KHU’s omnidirectional consciousness. The KHU has control over other bodies. Although the KA can effect the AUFU, it cannot control or reprogram it. The KHU only appears to normal individuals a few times in their lives and then, it’s very fleeting and often misunderstood. The KHU can be awakened by the simple process of self-remembering.
SAHU – The Spirit Body (“the Higher Self”)
As the KA is the seat of individual consciousness, the SAHU is the seat of cosmic consciousness. The SAHU, residing in the upper mental/causal level of existence, is rarely accessed to those still in the physical. Upon death, each individual glimpses the SAHU which really is just a movement without an image. This fifth body marks the last of the “personal” bodies.
KHABS – The Star Body
The Star Body is a state of consciousness that is transpersonal, transtemporal, and transluminal. As the seat of all awareness, there is no differentiation — everything is Divine. This universal body lies beyond the scope of our awareness. “Khabs” is the Egyptian word for “Star,” implying that our highest conscious connections lie with the stars.

Integrating the AUFU and the KA
A) Body Scan
1. Sitting or standing in no-form, imagine that your body and the space around it is completely enclosed in a small dark pyramid. The floor of the King’s Chamber, about one third of the way to the apex, should be about at the level of the center of the brain, the Cave of Brahma.
2. Imagine a line running from the top of your skull to the base of your spine or a point between your feet. Feel this as your central axis.
3. Focus on the skull. Feel the space that contains the brain, and let your awareness create the bony structure of the skull. Move the awareness down, creating the image of the skeletal structure as you become aware of it. Continue all the way down to your feet. Feel yourself as that, identify with the skeleton in the pyramid.
4. At your feet, begin to feel/create your muscles and tendons. Let your awareness move back up the body, felling the musculature form around the skeleton. Continue all the way back up to the scalp. Feel yourself as that muscled skeleton; identify with it.
5. Starting with the brain, feel/create the organs of the body. Fill in the blood stream with you feel/create the heart, and so on. Feel the whole array of organs in your body the best you can, ending with the capillaries in the feet. Feel that this too is you, identify with it.
6. Then, starting with the skin, feel/create the nervous system. Continue all the way back up to the brain, feeling the nerve fibers collect into both hemispheres of the brain. Feel and know that this body in the pyramid is you. Identify with it.
7. Now let your awareness journey through your body. Find the weak or damaged areas and let your awareness focus on them.
8. Taking deep breaths, seen as coming in from the top of the head, let the exhale flush all darkness or dis-ease out the soles of the feet. See/feel it flowing out as a viscous darkness.
B) Mindfulness & Stop
1. Do body scan as above.
2. Begin walking and try to be as mindful as you can. Feel the movement, your feet against the ground, and so on.
3. When you have your body as full of mindfulness as you can, call stop. Stop means that you freeze the movement and let yourself become aware of the difference in sensation.
4. Slowly begin walking in mindfulness again. Repeat the stop as many times as you feel good with, feeling the frozen posture at each stop.

No-Form is a state of being. It is also a way of standing, sitting, or moving. Simply put, it is just being OK with being nothing, really being Void, but expectant.
No-Form is a way of calming and comforting the physical body so that it can access higher energies. The mechanism is the vibration of sacred sounds, which sets up an entrainment within the cerebro-spinal fluid, producing the light show effects of kundalini. The points of No-Form:
1. The Head is balanced upon the vertebrae.
2. Your weight should be evenly distributed with all parts resting naturally upon each other. 3. 3. Allow the skeletal structure of your body to hold you up.
4. Eyes closed or half-shut.
5. Emphasis is on the exhale. As to exhale, you create a space and stillness which allows the sacred in…
6. Hips square on legs. Knees unlocked.
7. Toes should be pointed forward.
8. Feet should be as wide apart as the width of the shoulders.\Feet supportive with weight falling on heels.

A) Separating the Crystal Body
1. Do body scan and connect with the body as a whole unit.
2. Let your awareness deepen until your begin to perceive an energy skin around your body.
3. Imagine that this energy skin is flowing into the center of the brain and then out a few feet in front of you. Allow this flow to continue until you can see/feel with your mind’s eye a crystalline replica of your body standing in front of you.
4. Examine it for flaws and cracks. As find them, let healing energy flow to the spot and see it being healed or repaired.
B) Moving Consciousness into the KA
1. With the crystal body standing in front of you, let your awareness flow from the center of your brain to the center of the crystal body. Feel the crystal as your body and note the difference.
2. Pull your awareness back to the physical body and note the difference. Do this several times until you are comfortable switching bodies.
3. Move the awareness deeply into the crystal body and try to move it around. Simple movements such as raising the arms and so on. note the differences.
A) Synchronizing the Ka and Aufu
1. Create Crystal body and move awareness into it.
2. With your awareness still in the crystal body, move it back into alignment with the physical body. Feel the awareness of aufu and ka synchronizing and you merge the two bodies.
B) The Inner Sun
1. With this integrated awareness, of Ka and Aufu, imagine that you are standing on a dark, vast and featureless plain.
2. Allow the sun to rise over the horizon.
3. Feel the sun’s warmth and energy pouring into the crystal body and down into the physical body as the sun rises higher overhead. As it rises, it comes closer.
4. When the sun is just above the head, feel the heat melting the crystal body into the physical body, almost like a fusion.
5. When you feel you absorbed enough energy, let the sun begin to set in the opposite direction.
6. Feel yourself as a source of light on the vast plain after the sun sets.

The purpose of the MPP is to create a metaxic monad.
From the Greek words meaning “beyond location singularity,” that is a point that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time, a metaxic monad is simply a magick circle. By giving our magick circle a very precise definition, we clearly delineate its function.
Traditionally, sacred space was created by the process of squaring the circle. The circular sacred space was quartered by the elements and/or directions, and then within this space the operator aligned himself with the larger processes of the cosmos. The specific techniques for accomplishing this varied from culture to culture, but the secret behind the technique became the core knowledge of all magickal secret societies.
That secret lies in the fractally attractive nature of consciousness. Thoughts have a type of “gravity” and certain thoughts, those that match the mathematically creative structure of the cosmos, are self-organizing hologramic constructs. These weighty thoughts act like matter and actually bend light into centropic patterns. By visualizing geometric forms, of a deeply fractal nature, and vibrating sound waves of the correct frequency, we can structure our local space/time into a self-replicating metaxic monad, a point that is everywhere and nowhere simultaneously.
Within this unique type of space, we have the opportunity to align ourselves with the deeper processes of the cosmos. Since space/time is folded back into an embedded hyper-sphered cube, any and every event becomes archetypal, and therefore universally resonant. Events within a metaxic monad effect all realities simultaneously, hence its magickal qualities.
The cosmic alignment occurs through a series of ortho-rotational processes. Each step moves the energy completely out of its frame of reference, or 90 degrees from everywhere. This allows spiritual energy, or psions, to be stepped down through the orthogonal layers of the Omni-verse directly into our DNA. The first step brings the five elements into alignment with the aura. This involves the first twist or spin away from the spiritual realm.
Opening the centers sonically produces another 90 degree twist, bringing the spiritual energy down to the photonic level. The last spin is mental, bringing the photon into spin alignment with the fractal braiding of the DNA. Once this is accomplished, a clear channel for spiritual energy exist from the source through the aura, the body and down into the DNA structure of life itself.
Calling this process the meta-programming protocol reminds us that it is a procedure, or protocol, that is beyond the regular programs of our consciousness. It acts as the operating platform from which a new kind of consciousness, one that has weighty thoughts, can be launched.
The MPP consists of:
1. The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram
2. The Cross of the Elements
3. The Middle Pillar
4. The Caduceus
and should always be done in that order. The MPP is an all purpose spiritual process, and from its structure any sort of magickal or mystical exploration can be undertaken.

The pentgram is the most powerful of all magickal emblems. It is a symbolic or astral distillation of the pure divine light. it is used as a talisman, a projected image and a vehicle of astral travel. It is from the very earliest Egyptian rendering of a star, usually signifying awareness of the cosmic order. here we are concerned only with how to project this symbol into the Astral Light and make use of its magickal qualities.
The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is used mostly as a focusing aid in meditation for energetic light work on the body. It can be very effective as a means of magical protection and is also good for banishing unwanted forces or spirits from the working area. The License to Depart at the end of the meditation (or working) is that gesture or intent that allows the forces you have been working with to return to their respective levels.
1. Seal the aura with the cross of the elements and then open the centers (Middle Pillar)
2. Radiate energy from the Heart center out the point of the right index finger. Face East and establish contact with the powers of the Element of AIR. Draw an INVOKING Earth pentagram with a glowing electric-blue light. (Start from SPIRIT and move toward EARTH when invoking. When banishing, start from the EARTH position and move toward SPIRIT). The Pentagram should glow blue and be perceptible to anyone sensitive to the energy. Place your index finger in the Center of the Pentagram and vibrate: “YHVH (Jah – ho – vah).”
3. Connect the East with the South by drawing a brilliant white connecting arc while walking to your right. Face the SOUTH and establish contact with the powers of the Element of FIRE. Draw and electric blue invoking Earth pentagram, then vibrate, “ADNI (A – don- nai).”
4. Continue the circle to the West, connecting the center of each pentagram with a glowing circle of white light. Facing WEST (after establishing contact with the powers of the Element of WATER), draw the electric-blue invoking Earth pentagram, then vibrate “AHIH (E- hi-yah).”
5. Continue circle to the North. Establish contact with the Element of EARTH. Draw the electric-blue, invoking Earth pentagram, then vibrate: “AGLA (A-gla-ah).”
6. Complete the glowing white connecting circle by proceeding back to the East. While facing East, extend arms out from shoulders (in the form of a cross) and say: “Before me, Raphael; Behind me, Gabriel; On my right hand, Michael; on my left hand, Auriel; and above us all the Shekinah El, the presence of God itself; Within me flames the Pentagram, About me shines the six-rayed star.”
7. Feel the archangels before continuing with your meditation/working. When finished, give license to depart: “I hereby give license to depart to all divine, arch-angelic, angelic and elemental forces attracted to this working. Go in peace or stay in peace as you will. So mote it be. So mote it be. So it is.”

1. If alone, face east; with a group face inward.
2. Pull the Air energy from the east and let it localize above the top of the head. Let all the Air qualities in your mind/body complex move up to mingle with the air sphere above your head.
3. Actualize by touching forehead and saying: “Between the heights.”
4. Pull earth from north and formed into ball beneath your feet. Let earthy qualities mingle in earth sphere.
5. Actualize by touching navel and saying: “and the depths -”
6. Pull fire from south and form into sphere off right side. Let fiery elements mingle.
7. Actualize by touching right shoulder and saying” Between Justice”
8. Pull water from west an form into sphere off left shoulder, Mingle with personal watery elements.
9. Actualize by touching left shoulder and saying: “and Mercy.”
10. Pull spirit from above into center of chest.
11. Actualize by making a clockwise spiral, saying: “I am centered,” as you touch heart center.
12. Feel aura click into place, locking in the elemental alignment.

Of the Tree of Life’s three pillars, for meditation, we are concerned with only the Middle Pillar (Balance). The Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar are: (1) Kether (0) Daat (6) Tiphareth (9) Yesod and (10) Malkuth (1 + 0 + 6 + 9 + 10 = 26 = YHVH). Like the Hindu Chakras, God is within. The five Middle Pillar Sephiroth are associated with specific God names and also relate to the chakras. The goal of intoning the God names is to bring Spirit to the earth and ground it through the physical body:
1. KETHER – Corresponds to the crown of the head and encompasses the 7th and 8th chakras. Intone “EHEIEH (Ee-hi-yah)” meaning “I AM.” Element: Spirit
2. DAAT – Corresponds to Third Eye/Throat Center (pineal gland) and encompasses the 5th & 6th chakras. Intone “YHVH ELOHIM” (Ya-ho-va El-o-heem) Meaning: “Perfection of Creation.” Element: Air
3. TIPHARETH – Corresponds to Heart/Solar Plexus (Adrenals) and encompasses 3rd and 4th chakras. Intone “YHVH ELOAH V’DAATH” (Ja-ho-vah El-lo-ah Va-da-at) Meaning: “God made manifest through the mind.” Element: Fire
4. YESOD – Corresponds to the Pelvis (Spleen) and encompasses the 2nd chakra. Intone: “Shaddai El Chi” (Sha-die El Hki) meaning” “Almighty Living God.” Element: Water.
5. MALKUTH – Corresponds to the Root Center, the base of the Spine and the feet and encompasses first chakra plus bottom of feet. Intone “ADONAI HA-ARTEZ” (A-don-ii Ha-ar-etzz) Meaning: “Lord of Earth.” Element: Earth

The Caduceus (the rousing of the Centers) will integrate the Higher Energy Fields with the subtle nerve centers in the KA and the AUFU. The Caduceus also stabilizes and energizes the body.
Preliminary Exercise:
1. Establish a good No-Form and create the feeling of infinite space surrounding you, stretching out to an infinitely distant horizon in every direction.
2. Create your Crystal Body and merge, or do body scan
3. Do Inner Sun and Middle Pillar Technique
The Caduceus:
1. Let the energy stabilize for a few breaths. See the Middle Pillar as a column of brilliant diamonds before continuing.
2. On the in-breath, feel a band of white come up from your left foot, circle three times around your body, then disappear into the throat center as you exhale.
3. Repeat on in-breath with red band from right foot, circling three times, then into the throat center on exhale.
4. After becoming expert at visualization of these separately, practice with seeing both bands at once. Do NOT use the double band until you are quite skilled at the individual imaging.
5. Do NOT push the Caduceus past FIVE times for each band.
The Advanced Caduceus:
1. The Advanced Caduceus formulates wings on the out-breath through the throat center on each circulation.
2. A white wing will be create on the left side with the out breath; a red wing will be coming from the right side of the throat.
3. Begin closure by absorbing the energy in the center starting with the feet and working upward.
4. End with the globe above head as in the Inner Sun. Absorb crystal body, then allow Inner Sun to sink toward the horizon behind you.
5. Use No-Form to ground your body, then slowly move, stretch, and open your eyes.

LVX is Latin for “Light.” The following ritual will energize you with higher light. This may be done regularly and can be used as a protective shielding. The LVX should be done only after the centers have been activated using the Middle Pillar technique. Start by balancing the elements, either by doing the Cross of the Elements or just stand with arms outstretched.
Position 1: Balance. Deep breath / centering / release. Arms out-stretched from shoulders. Silence.
Position 2: Bring left hand up over head until it touches the Kether sphere. Vibrate “I” (eeee) as the light actualizes to your touch. Note: the left hand always receives. It is passive.
Position 3: Bring the right hand up into the Kether Sphere. Vibrate “A” (ahhh) as the light actualizes. It is like holding a ball (Atlas holding up the world).
Position 4: Pull the light down in front of your body, vibrating “O” (Oooo) as your hands cross in from of chest. Push light into your heart center with crossed hands, thumbs hooks, touched throat. Upon the next breath, declare, “Let the Light Descend.”
LVX is usually done around three times. At the third, declare, “The Light is with us.”

When the LVX is done properly, it will fill the room with blue-white electric crackling energy.

BRAIN TWIRLING (Advanced Technique)
Focusing on any part of the body causes that part to feel and work better. Attention brings with it increased chemical and electrical activity. it is very important to be able to tune the brain by focusing on it in a special way, and that is circling with the breath. When the brain is well tuned, the flow of prana is facilitated. This exercise will also create a hyper-level awareness.
1. Stand in No-Form position. Make your breath a smooth, seamless circle. Breathe from the feet to the top of the head and back. Bring your awareness to the center of your brain. Feel your breath growing shallower and smoother as you focus on the brain.
2. Imagine that you can see through your skull, as if it were transparent, and see your brain: its contours, valleys and convolutions, the deep divide between the hemisphere, the fore-brain, the mid-brain and the stem trailing off into your spine. Imagine that you are circling this image as you breathe., See this very clearly: make it as real as you can.
3. When the brain is very clear, very real, bring your awareness to your right eye. Bering to circle your right eye along with your breath. Feel it circling in the right hemisphere of your brain. Let it circle as it will, in any direction, as you experience the space of the right hemisphere.
4. Notice if your left eye is moving. Note what happens when you become aware of both eyes circling. Then bring your awareness to your left eye. Let it circle inside the left hemisphere space, let it go as it would, in any direction, but still circling with the breath.
5. Again, notice if the right eye is circling. Note what happens when you become aware of both eyes. Then bring your awareness up to the top of your head. Let your awareness circle with the breath, going up above the brain, then back down into it. Let it circle as it would, in any direction.
6. After establishing a good sensation of space in the top of your brain, let your awareness sink to the bottom of your brain. Note any changes as you let the brain continue circling in the space of the lower half of your brain.
7. Feel the right and left circles join the up and down circles, with the overlap in the exact center (corpus callosum) of your brain. Feel all four circling at once with each breath.
Now let your awareness expand until you can feel the entire space of all four circles. Slowly let the circling become one huge circle which encompasses the entire brain area. Note how your awareness changes.
8. In a moment, you will be told to stop. At that moment, bring your awareness immediately to a point between and just above the eyes. This will cause a brief flash of complete No-Form (no thought, no breath, no movement). In other terms, an experience of the Void. As it happens, just note it. Do not try to hold onto it. Experience it and let it go.
9. Now, STOP – Note how the mind begins to re-fill itself with thoughts, images, etc… Notice in what order your thoughts return. Then begin circling the entire space of your brain once again. Be aware of any changes.
10. Repeat STOP twice more, carefully noting the changes. Then re-ground in body and open your eyes. Note any changes in your perceptions as you stretch, move, and return to normal awareness.

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