A New Emerald Tablet: Using Pentagonal Geometry to Explore Inner Space

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes, a first century A.D. alchemical text, attempted to express ancient Egypt’s scientific wisdom in a few pithy lines of metaphorical and metaphysical symbology, suited of course for the educated Egyptian, or Greek or Roman philosopher/magician of the day. Its insight is still breath-taking, if one has the key to the symbolism; if not, its obscurity is profound. Since few of use have the world-view of an Alexandrian mage, a simple how-to of magickal philosophy, in modern scientific terms, seems to e absolutely necessary. Science is the magician’s willful apprentice, Magick’s lost step–child/prodigy, who has learned one trick, and therefore must compulsively repeat that trick, without knowing how to stop itself. To understand Magick, we must reclaim science as the observational and experimental tools needed to apprehend the true vastness of the Universe.
And so, the a nod to the real geniuses who figures out what I am about to simplify, let’s take a stab at a new Emerald Tablet:
1) THE UNIVERSE IS MADE OF ONE SUBSTANCEWe all know the basic formula for this one –– E=MC2.Matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that we can touch it and sit on it. energy is just a little bit of matter moving so fast we have trouble finding it. They are polarities of the same substance, which is flowing or moving as different rates, constantly. This very compressibility is what stores form and memory in its wave shape.
2) THE UNIVERSAL SUBSTANCE HAS ONLY ONE WAVE SHAPE — THE SINE WAVEThe Fourier principle of frequency signature transformation means that even the most complex shape is a simple sum of sine waves of different lengths.
3) THE UNIVERSE CAN BE DESCRIBED AS A GEOMETRY OF PRESSUREGeometry can be thought of here as the basic creation of symmetry. Any symmetrical structure creates a place where meeting waves, those traveling in opposite directions, can stand, that is, to phase and phase-lock. Standing waves give the illusion of solidity, which is the segregation of momentum that makes possible the birth of matter. Pressure occurs where waves meet.
Only ration is sacred; scale is mundane. Information is the only universal in our hologramic universe, every part contains the information of the whole. Sharability, the way converging waves create sustainable forms, then becomes a property of inherent structure emerging naturally from the process itself.
In a world made only of waves, there would be just two geometric forms, the torus, or vortex, and the golden mean spiral. the donut, torus, form is the only structure in a world of waves that can become coherent, that is, retain a regular shape like a smoke ring. As more of these smoke rings are created and they want to relate to the first smoke ring, they must “nest” in the right pattern so that they can remember their form and still share structure. the best pathway for doing this is the ratio we call the golden mean.
Only a form of Golden Mean symmetry will allow converging waves to add and multiply at the same time. Only in this way, in this shape, can waves nest together without interfering with each other and canceling out their memories. A Golden Mean spiral can nest triangles, Squares and five-sides figures, crating a dodecahedron as it does,. the dodecahedron is the perfect Golden mean nest for turning information into coherent structure. That’s why it is also the pattern of the braided DNA molecule. The Golden Mean happens, the icosahedronal donut and the dodecahedronal donut generate the only other two naturally occurring numbers: Pi and E.
From this simple shape, and these three irrational, but naturally occurring numbers, the universe is built. No wonder the ancient Egyptians called these qualities the cosmological Neters or forces.
4) FOCUS IS THE ONLY MEDIUM THAT CREATES IN A UNIVERSE OF WAVESFocus, directed intensity of consciousness, occurs when the excited nests of smoke rings become fractally attractive along the patterns created by Phi, Pi, and E. When this happens they also become matter, and the attractive quality is then seen as gravity. Intention, like gravity, is a lens that bends light. Focus in the form of the great geometric archetypes generates a sense of symbolic “gravity.”
5) SHAPE IS THE ONLY THING THE UNIVERSE HAS TO CONSERVE. ALL QUALITATIVE CHANGES COME FROM DIFFERENCES IN SHAPE, NOT SUBSTANCEEverything in our world, all matter, that is, all fractally attractive patterns of informational density, is composed of atoms, which are described by physics as a nucleus surrounded by electrons in so-called orbital shells. These shells are the pattern, the shape or ratio, which is the only thing the universe must conserve, in order to know itself. These shells or shapes are formed by the nestings of energy donuts or smoke rings. the Atomic Table then becomes a simple set of wave patterns, describing valency as symmetry. Everything can be created from the nesting of one donut, with a pair of vortices; three donuts, with six single direction vortices; five donuts, with ten vortices; and seven donuts, with fourteen vortices. Count the vortices and you have the number of electrons in each orbital shell.
These patterns form regular shapes, called the Platonic solids because Plato was the first to write about them: the tetrahedron, on pair of vortices; the octahedron/cube, three pairs; the dodecahedron, five pairs; and the icosahedron, seven pairs. These basic shapes are important in transmitting the very waves structure of matter, best understood as templates that generate the focus of intensity necessary to become fractally attractive, that is, bend the straight energy flow of light into a circle of atomic structured matter.
6) THE ONLY WAY TO CONSERVE SHAPE ALONG A PATH IS TO MAINTAIN THE NEST OF RATIOS CONTAINING LENGTH, BREADTH AND VOLUMEThe most elegant nest of ratio are those that intertwine Phi, Pi, and E, such as the DNA spiral. We can think of this as simple proof that DNA is a structure that is codes to transmit information along the pathway of temporal evolution of physical life forms on the planet. All life forms on the surface of the planet are the instruments and actors of an ancient epic opera hard-wired into the structure of our cells.
7) THE BEST PATHWAY TO MAINTAIN A NEST OF RATIOS IS THE GOLDEN MEANWratcheting a cube five times at 32 degrees in the same visual space creates a dodecahedron. Wratcheting a dodecahedron 32 degrees gives the powers of Phi; Phi squared, cubed, etc. The Golden mean pathway enables information (shape) to be moved without loss of momentum (mind). The closer we can come to forming this shape and path, the grater our conductivity, that is, the more energy can flow through us. As we focus our intensity on these shapes and flow patterns, we create a sort of super conductive, super coherent energy exchange.
8) COHERENCE AT ANY LEVEL IS COHERENCE AT AL LEVELS.An orderly arrangement between wave lengths establishes a connection between frequencies and fields. But for this connection to last, it must resonate to all frequencies and fields. This can only be accomplished through the resonate structure of golden mean pathways. This harmonic cascade of inter-connected-ness is the structure of our hologramic universe, perceptible as ecstasy.
9) DNA IS THE SEED CRYSTAL OF THE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BODY.DNA, a perfect Phi structures crystal connecting long waves and short waves, is a three-dimensional patterns designed to transmit information, in the form of living being, through time and space, the fourth dimension. Its goal seems to be the creation of a fifth dimensional intelligence, one capable of phase-locking with the information of the universe stored in the crystaline coding of the DNA geometry.
10) LIGHT, WHEN FOLDED BACK ON ITSELF, COMES TO KNOW ITSELF.A fifth dimensional awareness, which we can categorize as one that sees all space and time, energy and matter, as components of the original wave form, bends Light into the circle of self-awareness. This creates the rich blue/UV explosion of energy that accompanies the rise of Kundalini, the phase-lock of biological energies into the flow of the universal information energy stream. This enfolded-ness creates enlightenment, a state where the awareness of the universal mind meets itself at every wave junction.

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